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What we do

This Network fosters engagement and impact for accounting scholars. We aim to inspire academics of all levels of experience and areas of expertise to reach outside the academic ivory tower to make a positive impact and for a better society.

what we do

This pillar includes a series of workshops, panels and other symposia that instruct accounting academics in the skills to engage outside academia. Examples include the basics of op-ed writing, media relations or social media training. We also facilitate necessary liaisons with communications professionals who can instruct academics in newsworthy communication – a skillset that is often opposite to the traditional approach to academic writing.


Through social media, blog posts, podcasts as well as other novel and effective communication strategies, we provide a forum to diffuse the research of network members in accessible language and to a large audience.


We cultivate relationships with stakeholders outside academia like accounting firms and professional oversight bodies. We provide a conduit to assist academics in contacting those constituencies who stand to learn from their academic research. Academics can reach out to practice sharing their research and, ultimately, practitioners can reach out to academics for their expertise.

The Network intends to be inclusive and foster a variety of perspectives and methodological approaches. It encourages accounting academics of all backgrounds, levels of experience and geographical locations to join the Network and use this space as a catalyst for reflecting upon which constituencies might benefit from their work. The answer will be different for each researcher. The goal is to help accounting academics develop the critical skills necessary to make this outreach possible.

who we are
Who we are, mission and project

We are a group of accounting scholars aiming to make accounting research impactful. We believe in the importance of academic activism to support social justice and equity.


The purpose of this initiative is to provide academics with the tools to turn their research into action. This will include activities like (but not limited to) providing training for accounting scholars on how to engage in knowledge mobilization and research communication, organizing events that bring together researchers and practitioners to identify practice-driven research questions and developing resources engage practitioners and policy makers with research findings. Regardless of the venue or approach, our primary aim is to provide opportunities for academics to create impact through their research.


     This Network is financially supported by CPA Ontario

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