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Alessandro Ghio

Website Coordinator
Faculty of Business Administration
Université Laval
Website Coordinator


Alessandro Ghio is an Associate Professor in Accounting in the Faculty of Business Administration at Université Laval. Their research focuses on issues surrounding diversity in accounting, and corporate social media communication. Alessandro holds a PhD in Financial Accounting from ESSEC Business School and a PhD in management from the University of Pisa.

Impact/Engagement Activities

Alessandro is the co-instigator of the ‘Queering Accounting’ and ‘Working Women and Wellbeing’ project and they have led and/or taken key roles in competitive research funded projects equating to over one million Canadian dollars. They are regularly invited by the accounting professional bodies, Big4 and universities to develop and facilitate workshops and consult about diversity in business. They collaborated on Opening Accounting: A Manifesto and are a Network Leader for the AARN (Alternative Accounting Research Network). They are a member of the inaugural Steering Committee of Accounting for Impact and, with Julie Bernard, they are the Website Coordinator.

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