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Impact Resources


This is section is meant to provide information material to build your impact creation capabilities. This section is divided into three main section: Research on Impact, Communication Skills, and Books on Impact.

Research on Impact
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  • Blending Research, Journalism, and Community Expertise: A Case Study of Coproduction in Research Communication

  • Davies, J., Yarrow, E., & Syed, J. (2020). The curious under‐representation of women impact case leaders: Can we disengender inequality regimes?. Gender, Work & Organization, 27(2), 129-148.

  • Cho, C.H., Kim, A., Rodrigue, M. and Schneider, T. (2020), "Towards a Better Understanding of Sustainability Accounting and Management Research and Teaching in North America: A Look at the Community", Sustainability Accounting, Management and Policy Journal, 11(6), 985-1007.

  • Introducing Impact (2022) Business & Society:

  • Pimentel, E., Cho, C.H. & Bothello, J. (forthcoming) The blind spots of interdisciplinarity in addressing grand challenges. Critical Perspectives on Accounting.

Communications Skills

Books in Impact



Note: You find further information material on the page of other impact organisations such as the Impact Scholar Community​

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